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General Conditions of Sale of NewArt24

All our sales are exclusively subject to these General Conditions of Sale of NewArt24. Should the client's standard terms of contract differ from these General Conditions they will not apply. Individual agreements only become valid when they are in writing.
If one or more of the provisions of these General conditions of Sale should be or become invalid, this will not affect the validity of the other clauses.

Offer / Conclusion of a contract
The contract only comes into existence after we have accepted the customer's offer. Our acceptance will always be in writing or by direct delivery through NewArt24.
Purchase offers can be made via the ordering forms provided online by NewArt24.

Delivery / Dispatch
The delivery takes place upon our choice either by a forwarding agent, a carrier or by post.
The goods are only dispatched against cash in advance, bank transfer in advance, remittance of Euro cheques up to DM 400,00 per cheque or by cash on delivery.
The information necessary for the delivery can be inferred from the online-ordering form.

Shifting of risk
By handing over the goods to the forwarding agent, carrier, post, etc. selected by us the risk is transferred to the buyer. Our liability is limited to a careful choice of the forwarding agent, carrier, etc.

All prices are final prices in Deutsch Mark including VAT ex store and without frame plus costs of dispatch and packaging.

Warranties / Notification of defects
Any defects need to be communicated to us without delay but not later than 8 days after having received the goods.

Retention of Title
The goods delivered remain the ownership of NewArt24 until they are fully paid and may until this date neither be pledged nor leased. In the case these goods are sold the seller hereby assigns his claims against the third party purchaser to us as security of our claims.

Place of performance / Jurisdictions
Place of performance for delivery and payment is Mainz / Rhein.
Place of jurisdiction for all disputes, as far as legally permitted, is Mainz/Rhein, as long as the purchaser is a business man in the sense of the German Commercial Code. German law applies.

Mainz am Rhein, 15. Mai 2000

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